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How to Eat and Lose Weight?

The basics of weight loss is essentially the calories you consume versus calories you burn. In simpler terms, it is calories in < calories out. Calories are there to fuel your body, but consuming too much will result in weight gain and fat accumulation. To lower your calories count and lose weight, you will have to cut down proportions, maybe switch out a few items that are high in calories but nutritionally empty. 

A safe and efficient way to lose weight will depend on your daily calorie requirements and your overall activity level. At Moving Mango, we promote a balanced approach including all food groups, from lean protein, fibers in grains and vegetables (the darker the more nutritious) to complex carbs. Especially, we don’t want you to limit anything. Why? Because losing weight can be enjoyable too. Cutting out your favorite food will only make the journey miserable.

Here, we believe weight loss is more than what you see on the scale. Our mission is to target how you really feel overall, losing weight is just an added bonus. We want to help you create a healthy relationship with food, with your body, and with your mind. We also want to guide you towards the right approach to prevent development of eating disorders, unhealthy obsessions or diet crashes. 

There is no bad food, and there is no instant food fix that you can consume to lose weight instantly either. Everything in balance is a joy of life. However, if you want to catalyze your process, we just want to show you some foods you might want to limit. First would be what we call ”empty calories”, like candies, bagels, soft drinks, etc. These types of food provide more calories than nutrients . A lot of us consume them excessively without even noticing. Additionally, we want you to acknowledge items that  can induce fat accumulation, hormonal, mood changes, and water retention. These would be sugar-high and overly processed food. Processed foods are high in trans and saturated fats, usually contain lots of added chemicals, preservatives, and sugar in order to prolong shelf-life. These in the long run will clog up your arteries and mess with your internal functionings. 

Furthermore, our bodies are made of 60% water, so drinking enough water daily is essential for weight loss and overall health. Water regulates body temperature, especially if you workout, it also has incredible benefits in providing moisture and hydrating your skin. A right diet can also help to prevent several diseases; heart diseases, stroke, obesity, reduce cancer risk, diabetes. Even your energy level and mental health can be positively altered if you consume the right food.

Hey, since you’re already here, we recently added this brand new weight loss workout, and it’s only 15 minutes! It’s a sweaty one, but we promise it’s super fun. We put it here for your convenience, so check it out below 😊

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