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How to Make Healthy Eating Work for You

It’s the same reason why Moving Mango is determined to bring wellness and happiness accessible to everyone. Our version includes one’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Eating healthy and working out play a major part to tie everything into one big wholesome picture.

Health, after all, is true wealth. 

Maintaining healthy eating habits

To maintain a healthy eating habit in the long run, your eating regime, goals, and other wellness habits have to be practical and sustainable. Think of fad diets, it’s close to impossible to keep at it any more than a couple of months. A well-rounded diet should be one that’s tailored to you, your medical history, your jobs, routines, and preferences.

Relationship with food

It’s all about the mindset, your attitudes, along with how you approach food.  In the past, if you or someone you know engaged in acts of self-torment whenever eating something ‘’unhealthy’’, this contributes to a very toxic relationship with food and leads to low self-esteem and insecurities.

Instead, chill out, allow yourself to have what you want, everything in moderation. In our dictionary, a normal relationship is what we would call non-restricting, non-punishing while allowing joy and balance. 

Nutrition and performance

Proper nutrition alone can alter your life for the better, but it can also improve your focus and performance in the workplace. If you ever find yourself a bit sluggish after a heavy lunch, it’s probably because you consumed a large amount of high glycemic index foods that spike your blood sugar level, your pancreas then releases insulin to compensate, what happens after is a carb crash, think of a food coma. Continuous consumption of refined carbs could also contribute to the development of depression and anxiety.

Put a higher focus on eating nutrient-dense whole foods such as legumes, fruits & nuts, lots of greens and lean protein through fish, and moderate consumption of poultry & eggs.

Source: The BMJ

Eating right and living quality

‘’Mindfulness has entered the chat’’. Practicing mindfulness isn’t just solely for eating better, it’s a whole experience of living and truly enjoying every moment, at work, at home, at the park, everywhere. Mindfulness is basically the art of paying close attention to all the sensations around you without being critical of any feelings that come across. The practice allows you to have clearer thoughts and manage stress better too, need we say more?

So what’s the next step?

If you haven’t done so already, start paying closer attention to how you feel during and after you eat, notice how your body reacts. You can also start practicing mindfulness right away by eating without distraction. Ignite your senses, feel the taste, the texture, the aroma, it’s in the little details.

Notice if your performance is improved after eating natural whole foods as opposed to ultra processed foods. Take a step further and challenge yourself to reduce sugar and level up your greens

We will soon have a guide on how you can engage mindfulness into your everyday life, stay tuned

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