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How to Have a Stress Free Holiday In 2021

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Happy November everyone!

It’s finally here, the seasons of festivities, love, sharing and giving are upon us. How crazy is it that we’re reaching the end of the year soon?

The holidays can be extra stressful for a lot of people, sometimes it’s like a non-stop marathon. Worry not, at Moving Mango we always strive to make everyone feel good, so let’s take our hands as we guide you through holiday season of 2021 with 5 easy tips:

  1. Check-in with Yourself

By this we mean sticking as closely as possible to your regular routine, maybe it’s a weekly pilates workout with Hannah, a daily meditation or reading session in the morning, or perhaps a monthly spa treatment. Having some ‘’me time’’ does a lot for our mental health, it helps our mind cope and recover so we can continue on our healthy way.

  1. Plan ahead, far ahead!

One reason for the holiday stress comes from last minute decisions. If anyone plans to cook up a Thanksgiving feast, now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. Planning ahead allows space for flexibility, improvement and unexpected mistakes that aren’t too late to fix. Maybe you can even start to think about what you will get for your loved ones on Christmas too.

  1. Anticipate chaos

Setting the bar too high for a dish or an event then feeling bad when things don’t turn out how you expect isn’t a nice feeling. Try to acknowledge it beforehand and know that imperfections are all normal, sometimes things are entirely out of your control so shift your focus to what really matters.

  1. Be mindful

Particularly useful when it comes to portion control or alcohol consumption for the upcoming holidays. Eat and drink as you normally would, and try not to ‘’save’’ yourself for the big meals, it often backfires.

  1. Have fun and make the best of it 

Last but definitely not least, enjoy your quality times with yourself, friends and families. Festive season only comes once a year so why not make the best out of it?

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