Cardio Pilates Workout – Double the fun, double the effect

Combining two powerful types of workout for a more visible toned body in the time of one

Focusing on muscle strength and proper alignment, Pilates is accessible for different people at various workout level and health condition. Its mindful breathing and controlled movements can help alleviate the mind and tone the core. It is truly a powerful tool to improve our overall health, but is there any way to make Pilates even better?

Get to know Cardio workout

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to cardio exercises with the hope of getting a stronger and fitter body. So what exactly is it  and how does it work?

The answer, essentially, is any exercise that pumps up your heart rate qualifies as cardio exercise. This type of workout does not only train your heart muscles and the cardiovascular system, but also benefits other muscles in your whole body. The more your heart beats, the more oxygen it supplies. Your muscle cells, consequently, will receive more “fuel” to burn up fat. In addition, all the intense movements that cause your heart to speed up will activate your muscles and make them stronger.

Can cardio effectively incorporate with Pilates?

With their great assets, can we somehow combine cardio workout with Pilates and make them even more potent? Fortunately, that is not an unattainable task. Using the speed-up version of Pilates movements will give us the same effect as any cardio exercises. Even better, with different pace, one Pilates exercise can target different muscles, so there is no need for a massive amount of various exercises. You can use just three movements, but still have the result of a full session.

Furthermore, the conscious breathing in Pilates can give this combination a tremendous boost. As our body moves harder and harder, we tend to breathe more quickly, arrhythmically, and shallowly. If we can put our mind in our breaths and try to breathe deeply every time, our lungs can get more oxygen and give off more excess carbon dioxide. The flow of new “fuel” will then help our muscles work harder and better, resulting in faster fat burning and muscle toning.

Double effects in the time of one

Pilates exercises are known for strengthening and building lean muscle as well as bringing positivity for the mind. Cardio exercises are known for getting rid of all the extra fat and improving cardiovascular system. Thus combining these two will bring you the best of both worlds:

  • Burn fat and calories
  • Improve cardiac muscle
  • Strengthen whole body muscles
  • Enhance concentration
  • Brighten the mind
  • Increase circulation through deep breathing

Make the best of this combination

Conclusively, you can upgrade a regular Pilates workout with a cardio twist just by taking your favorite movements and speed them up. Like any other workout, it is best to practice two to three times a week with each session lasts around 20 – 30 minutes.

However, as cardio workout can be quite intense, it is highly recommended paying attention to your body. We all have different body types and different physical abilities, so do not worry if one exercise which works wonder to others can cause you discomfort. Notice any tension or strain that occurs and adjust the movement or the speed for your own liking. Move slowly at first, and then speed up with caution. After all, exercises can only work best when they are fitting to you.

This is such a juicy combination for anyone aiming at a stronger body in less time! So why not take a look at my videos to get inspired if you’re not sure where to start?

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