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5 Tips on How To Build a Better Morning Routine

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up everyday? Do you have a daily ritual?

There are so many routines out there that are available for you to see online, and you might be tempted to follow the same. However, the best routine is the one that’s tailored to you. 

Daily morning routine has its power, especially now that daylight saving just hit and we’re transitioning into the Holidays season. Willpower is highest in the morning, so having a well rounded morning routine can help to set you up for better habits, productivity, success and happiness. Moving Mango has 5 tips to give you some inspirations, let’s master the art of a daily morning routine!

1. Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday 

Have a fixed bedtime and wake time. No need to set up your morning alarm to match with others, but wake up at your own time, to your own schedule, and stick to it as best as you can everyday. If you have a demanding work schedule, wake up a bit earlier will give you space for a moment of self-checkin, mindful stillness, and affirmations, which then allows you to control your schedule instead of letting your schedule control you.

2. Find your Ritual 

Speaking of checking in with yourself, a daily ritual can help. Morning rituals from cuddling, meditating, dancing to your morning playlist. Or maybe it’s listening to a podcast, setting intentions, and journalling. Physically moving your body also counts as part of the morning ritual. Sports and fitness of your choice; Pilates workout, yoga, a run, or a tennis match.

3. Get in Some H2O First Thing

Hydrate before you caffeinate. Don’t forget to eat breakfast while you’re at it. Some people don’t eat breakfast because their bodies prefer it that way, or because of their diet choice, that is entirely OK too. Find what works for you, and do try to make it healthy if you decide to eat. Do you prefer a sweet breakfast such as smoothies, yogurt, crepes, oats? Or do you prefer salty ones like breakfast burrito, avocado toasts, omelettes? 

Just remember to drink water to hydrate and allow for better circulation before jumping on to coffee or tea. 

4. Move Your Body.

We mentioned above about finding your ritual to bring a little peace to your day. But, did you also know, it’s scientifically proven that juse a few simple movements in the morning do wonders for the body? A stretch, a sway, a walk, a swim, anything counts, and it doesn’t have to be intense. If you happen to practice Pilates like we do, we recommend this Morning Workout Routine for Focus and Productivity to start your day bright and merry. 

5. Time for Action

Now you’re ready to set out for the day. A good tip is to work on the most important thing on your daily to-do list first. Why? Because checking off the heavy tasks first will set you up for further accomplishments throughout your day. A workout is an example, though it’s not necessarily the hardest task, but once you’re done working out, you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day. 


Looking for ideas to spice up your morning workout? We have a list of 10 different exercises for you to have a look!


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