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The Best Guide on How to Spend Christmas Alone

Are you a Scrooge or a Santa? 

Perhaps you’re more of a Scrooge who just ‘’dislikes’’ being cheery and merry in general. Or you’re a Santa that adores all things holiday. To each their own.

Nonetheless, life happens, there will be times when you have to be a Solo Santa and spend Christmas alone. Maybe you’re placed in situations that make it hard to travel, or you’re a student studying abroad, or maybe you just like the idea of doing it solo.

Spending the holidays alone can still be as enjoyable as ever, it’s not ideal but there are always ways to find joy in solitude. 

Embrace! Most people don’t have time to themselves, but now you have it all to yourself, so enjoy and embrace it of course, for it might be hard to come by again. Focus on the good, have a Christmas movie marathon, dance it out, blast the music, bake cookies, cook yourself a cozy, healthy holiday meal.  

Deck the hall with boughs of holly. Lift your holiday spirit by ‘’decking’’ it out to your heart’s content, decorate the best Christmas tree ever, put on your best clothes and enjoy the process, plus it keeps you busy and you have something to think about too.

Spread love, accept love. There is an association between volunteering and wellbeing. Ever heard of happiness researchers? If you haven’t, now you do. Happiness researchers found that those who engage in the simple act of helping through activities like volunteering are found to have better health and higher life satisfaction, so why not do something similar when you aren’t able to spend the holidays around your loved ones. Volunteer to help out around you if possible, people always appreciate additional help from an extra hand.

Host a Virtual Party through Zoom, Facetime, any communication channel you and your loved ones are most comfortable with. Cook healthy holiday meals together, make desserts or cocktails, watch a movie, talk and laugh all the way through, it’s a blessing altogether. 

It’s not every year that you get to spend Christmas alone, so don’t let the loneliness pull you down, enjoy yourself and do absolutely whatever and wherever you want!

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