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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Goals

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Happy New Year to all you Mangoes, may your 2022 ring in success and happiness

If you are one to make New Year’s Resolutions and are successful each time, we’re jealous, tell us your secrets! 

However, if you are one to make New Year’s Resolution, run into commitment problems, and couldn’t carry it out all the way through, we got your back! 

This year, we encourage you to try setting New Year’s Goals instead. Here are 5 tried and true ways to carry it out successfully:

  1. Pick a realistic goal and break it down as specific as you can
  2. It’s great to be so ambitious, but try not to have way too many goals (or resolutions), you’ll make it harder for yourself to keep everything on track
  3. Do us a favor and try not to compare yourself, to what you see around you, to what you see on social media
  4. Write it down, put it in the ‘’plan’’ book. Doing this will motivate you, help you visualize your goal, and your goals become more tangible. Writing it down in your journal, on your fridge, or an excel sheet, get you to see exactly what you want to accomplish, yielding a higher chance of completion. 
  5. Remember what you’re trying to change is a process and a journey, expect setbacks, expect low days. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just jump back into it and you are good to go!

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