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Best 10 Body Toning Workouts to Try this Fall

Fall is still here, and if you’re looking for new workout moves to end fall 2021 on a strong note, you’re in the right place. From hardcore HIIT to Qigong, Dance, Barre, Stretches, Yogalates, Meditation, we got it all. 

  1. 1 hour Total Body Pilates

Have you watched Moving Mango’s latest workout? Tone your whole body and burn up to 400 calories at home with this one. Let’s get real sweaty together ! 

  1. YOGALATES with Hannah

Besides pilates, we love Yogalates too, we recently did this chill Yogalates session to wind down and tone at the same time, check it out!

  1. Barre

Join us in this gorgeous scenery and do a Barre session together on the beach under this blue sky and ocean waves. Barre is a ballet-inspired workout, so let’s unleash our inner dancer and dance away. 

  1. Dance Party!

Get ready for the festivities by breaking out those moves, check out our Kpop dance workout right here on Moving Mango. 

  1. Abs, Abs, Abs!!!

Up for an abs workout? Not just a regular workout, this one is full-on 1 hour, so get ready because you will for sure feel it the next day. 

Think 1 hour is too long? We dare you to try her Plank challenge, click on this picture to try right now!

  1. Qigong

Qi for breath or air, and Gong for work. Qigong is more of a practice than a workout to cultivate vitality through breathing techniques, postures, meditation and guided imagery. If you’re curious you can check out our first attempt at Qigong practice with a special friend right here 

  1. TABATA 

Check out this Tabata workout too, only 10 minutes but guaranteed to make your day!

  1. Meditation

Start your day bright with a Smile Meditation

End the day with our Effortless Sunset Meditation to let go of negative energy, use this meditation to ease your mind and body. No effort necessary, just open yourself in silence and witness the magic. 

  1.  HIIT Pilates

Pilates is usually seen as low-impact, but that’s not always the case. Try this 45min HIIT Pilates and you will be drenched after. 

  1. If all fails, take a walk 

Brisk walk, hike, stroll, anything counts. 

Happy workout!😄


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