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5 Last Minute Fun Things to Do This Halloween 2021

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Been so busy that you haven’t had any activities planned this 2021 Halloween yet? Moving Mango is happy to share some easy and fun things all of us can do last minute. Here are some suggestions for you to creep the spooky fun alive without spending too much of your energy or money.

  1. Make a Spooktacular Halloween Treats

Happy and healthy, a few fun activities to make with the kids or friends, these treats are healthier than candies and perfect for the holiday festivities.

These Apple Monsters by This Healthy Table

All you need are apples, peanut butter, sliced cheese, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and candy eyes. Quarter the apple, slice off the seeds, dig a v-shape in the middle, then use peanut butter to connect all the seed teeth, cheese tongue and candy eyes. Yay!

Source: This Healthy Table/Emily

These Mummies are Bananas by Lemon and Zest

Resurrect these mummies with only 3 ingredients; bananas, white chocolate chips and candy eyeballs (or raisin).

Source: Lemon and Zest/Lorie

2. A Pumpkin Contest!

A must for Halloween’s spirit. This year, let’s put everyone’s creativity to the test with these Halloween pumpkin carving ideas from simple to super intricate, complex designs.

Gorgeously Creepy Sugar Skull Pumpkin from Better Homes & Gardens

Source: Better Homes & Garden/BH&G Holiday Editors
Source: Better Homes & Garden/BH&G Holiday Editors

A Functional Candy Holder Pumpkin from Grace & Good Eats

Source: Grace and Good Eats/Emily Grace

3. Find your way through a maze

Source: Pexels/Tom Fisk

What could be more thrilling than getting lost in a vast corn maze? These out-door activities are super fun whether you’re with large or small parties. You can simply search for a corn maze near you, there are also mazes with different movie themes, hayrides, pumpkin patches to explore too. For those in the Bay Area like we are, check out Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch & Mini Hay Maze.

4. Three-Legged Race in Costume

Put on your costume, here’s another fun and exciting outdoor Halloween activity for families and friends, this one keeps everybody active and on their toes. The rules are easy to follow, in pairs, tie the right leg of one person to the left leg of the other person, and race away!

5. Free Workout with Moving Mango to Set the Spirit

Last but not least, try this Haunted House but Not So Spooky Halloween Total Body Workout Fusion with so much fun cardio, dance, and Pilates moves. Burn tons of calories for your whole body in just 5 minutes and get all the fun vibe of this holiday.

Have a Happy Haunting Halloween from Moving Mango 

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