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10 Tips on How to Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle

The difference between ‘’dieting’’ and healthy eating? – Ease and maintenance!

When embarking on a new eating goals or diet. Ask yourself if will you be able to continue eating this way forever, do you hope to make it a lifestyle, or are you looking for a diet as a ‘’quick fix’’? 

Well, one of the most important thing we can tell you right now is to please don’t restrict yourself for whatever reason. Listen to your body instead, it will thank you right away.

Here are 10 tips on how to make healthy eating a forever thing, make it a lifestyle:

  1. Eat a recommended amount of fruits and veggies daily. Harvard recommends 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. It’s also beneficial to take in a variety of these guys, so remember to eat your rainbow 🌈
  2. Gradually switch your current source of starches to whole grains and whole wheat. These complex carbs take longer to digest, so they are much better for your blood sugar.
  3. Cook 👩‍🍳  So you know what exactly goes into that body. By prepping and cooking at home, you will be able to adjust levels of sodium, sugar, and trans fat, such as butter.
  4. Go less on all the sugar-filled drinks; soda, cocktails, milkshakes, sweetened tea, boba. They trigger your brain into wanting more, it’s also very easy to over-consume.
  5. Prioritize lean meats such as seafood, poultry, tofu, eggs, and beans. If your cholesterol and triglycerides are on the higher side, limit red meats and cut down on cold cuts.  🍳
  6. When you’re hungry, there is a very high chance you will grab for anything that’s within your sight. Always have some nutritious snacks on hand. Easy portable snacks such as nuts & seeds, roasted chickpeas, lightly seasoned popcorn are some great options.
  7. Take advantage of seasonal produce and favorites. Take a trip to your local farmer market and create an experience of joy in grocery shopping, you get to get advice from the experts and get your hands on the freshest produce. 
  8. Every food can be a part of your lifestyle, there is no need to eliminate anything if you don’t want to. Try not to label food as black or white, good or bad.
  9. Aim for perfection-less, there is no reason to beat yourself up after eating a specific kind of meal. Just get back to your normal routine and you will be absolutely fine. 
  10. Never stop exploring, your next favorite food might just be around the corner. Building a relationship and a journey with food takes time, so have fun and be patient

If you want to see more, I recently wrote an Ebook where I shared my personal tips and experience Wholefully: A Little Guide from my Vietnamese Kitchen

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